Welcome to Antrim  Foot Clinic

Philip Kenny BSc(Hons) M.Ch.S.





The Foot Clinic is a specialised clinic where health professionals, known as Podiatrists, diagnose and treat specific foot and lower limb conditions. They also advise on how to prevent future foot problems occurring.

Most foot conditions  simply stem from abnormal pressures to feet from ill-fitting shoes, unbalanced gait, trauma and everyday wear and tear.


Regular visits to Antrim Foot Clinic will ensure feet are kept in good condition, helping the patient to avoid problems deteriorating and leading to further complications or to resolving situations completely.

The following problems can be treated: - callus, corns, nail complications, fissures, verrucae, skin conditions, infections and general foot pains. Treatment is offered using state of the art equipment to ensure optimum effectiveness and comfort. These include:

  • High Speed Suction Drill - providing a pain free tool for treating many common problems.
  • Cryopen - the modern pain-free tool for treating viral infections.
  • Stock Orthotics - A wide range of preformed shoe inserts to address various correction and comfort requirements.
  • Custom made Orthotics - for more personalised devices.
  • Silicone/gel interfaces - To provide comfortable ways of preventing conditions recurring.
  • Medications - tried and tested products for the treatment of common problems are available within the clinic.

We also utilise Orthotics (specialist insoles) where appropriate, which can be very important in improving gait and thus helping avoid painful conditions recurring. Certain types of Orthotics can have a positive effect on other areas of the body for example to help reduce knee and back pain.

Consultations have been reported to be pleasant experiences with many patients being surprised by the huge effect a simple treatment can have upon their well-being.